This is a video Documentation of a work in progress of '15 Storms in a Teacup', a performance work devised and performed by Peoples in Pieces.
We developed this piece in collaboration with the Arnolfini (Bristol) and is now ready for touring in 2008.

15 Storms in a Teacup is a poetic piece lingering between black box live art, kitchen disciplines and DIY science, that one can find in chemistry classes. The performance's micro ecology draws on that which we cannot control yet influence unwittingly.

The likes of flood, sandstorm and Chernobyl are tiny ghosts that might haunt a greater memory.

"15 Storms in a Teacup was an intimate, hushed and shy performance that mixed alchemy with anticipation. I found I was holding my breath as low-tech chemical reactions took place before my eyes. The audience willed the performers on, hopeful for the desired effect, which with a little patience gently appeared before us. " Laura Noble, Arnolfini